​​Online, distance learning & classroom courses

​​Education is important. It enables people to improve their lives, provides a fresh perspective to open up new career paths, to become more effective and through practice more reliable at their workplaces, reinforces the values of possessing the correct information and using it to the best of one's ability.

Even more important however is ensuring that education of the right quality reaches people, that everyone across age groups has access to it and take part of all it offers. It is there that DSV wishes to make its contribution and mark on the world, by being a provider of reliable and valuable skills and knowledge.

We are based in Oxfordshire.

It is our vision to expand the business and grow, aiming to introduce new courses and continuously expanding as we do so.

Our Locations

Our Mission


Company Registration Number: 09742277

(The Registrar of Companies for England & Wales)

Abingdon Music Centre
Abbey close, Abingdon, OX14 3JD

We are delighted to work with a long-established charity who are experienced and dedicated to bringing music to the community across all ages and skill levels.
They host some of our music courses.

New Marston Primary School

Copse Lane, Oxford OX3 0AY

This is a newly refurbished school with all facilities in class, an electric whiteboard and sound system, projector and all around modern equipment.

​Our business and the people behind it

Abingdon Business Centre

5 E. St Helen's Street, Abingdon OX14 5EG

This is an excellent building mixing historical style and modern technology. A feature of the building is a meeting room that is ideal for holding classes.