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Typesy is the only program to combine exercises and video — it’s just like being in a room with the world’s best typing instructor.

Earn More Money

Qualify for many more jobs than you currently do. Many people make typing a lucrative career.

Be Up-To-Date And Computer Literate

People will instantly recognize that you’re computer savvy. It feels good to master technology.

Be Up To 63% More Efficient On The Job

Your new fast typing skills will save you so much time at work, people will be amazed at your efficiency.

Socialize Online

Tests show that faster typists can communicate 2-3 times more effectively in online social media.

Save Your Fingers

Bad typing technique is likely giving you painful RSI and inflammation. Correct typing can fix this.

​It’s Social and Cloud – Train seamlessly from all your computers, collaborate with friends and share your success socially.

A Personal Coach Who Adapts To Your Unique Needs.

Typesy constantly monitors your progress and adapts to your needs. Each lesson is customized for your current skill level. This makes learning to touch type easy and fast. In just a few days, you’ll be chatting faster on social media, increasing efficiency at work, and reducing painful RSI.

Easy And Effective. Designed By Real Touch Typing Experts.

The most important thing to know about Typesy is that it really works. That’s because it was created by the world’s foremost typing experts. It’s the only program that’s scientifically designed to make learning to type fast and easy. We spent over 6 years of research in typing, motor learning, and computer science. The result? It’s now easy to type fast, get that dream job, and save your valuable time.

Typesy is the only program that was designed by REAL touch typing experts… who guide you at every step.

Typesy is THE industry-leading typing tutor software — it’s easy-to-use typing software reimagined for a new era.


Touch Typing Online Course

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